Rehabilitation of Buildings

PGR Infrastructure, your go-to solution for enhancing the life of existing buildings and ensuring their safety. Our team of technical experts is equipped to handle any structural challenges posed by weathering, fire, seismic events, and other natural calamities. With a comprehensive evaluation, we determine whether repair or replacement is necessary, always considering factors like economy, construction feasibility, and the latest trends and techniques.
Our approach to building rehabilitation follows a systematic process. We categorize it into the following steps and actions:

Assessment: Our experts thoroughly evaluate the condition of the structure, identifying any signs of breakdown or deterioration caused by various factors.

Technical Intervention: Using state-of-the-art techniques and technology, we intervene to enhance the life of the building and prevent any potential failures due to seismic events or structural issues.

Repair or Replacement Decision: Based on our evaluation, we provide a clear recommendation on whether repair or replacement is needed for the structure or its components.

Compliance and Economy: We ensure that all rehabilitation measures comply with industry standards while also considering economic feasibility.

Construction Feasibility: Our team carefully assesses the feasibility of implementing repair or replacement measures, taking into account factors such as time constraints and available resources.

At PGR Infrastructure, we are dedicated to extending the serviceability life of buildings through effective rehabilitation strategies that prioritize safety, durability, and cost-efficiency.